15TH - 17TH FEB 2016

What a fabulous opportunity the young people who attended the RYLA course this week had to develop skills, challenge themselves and build new friendships.
Monday at 11am and The White Hall centre staff soon encouraged the young people to work together in two teams with team tasks and introduction activities and then the proper work started. Points were to be earned for each task and team/leadership skills.

A rope and swing challenge course to carry buckets of water across the course provided lots of laughter and team work and dry ski through mud and rope walk challenges got the young people bonding in their teams.

Crossing a swampy pond with 2 planks and rope to get all the team onto a small tyre again meant communication skills had to be at a premium.

ryla - crossing the pond

After an evening meal the young people set off on a night walk. Challenges along the way were to cross the swampy pond with 8 small wooden bars, blindfold silent communication and scale a wall.

ryla - scale the wall

Tuesday saw the young people chose from 5 activities

Canoeing, Abseiling, Mountain biking, Rock climbing and Caving
Rotarian Ray took off with the red team to Canoeing, having to help break the ice in the canals to get the canoes in. The teams had to learn to canoe, do a challenge getting the canoes through a narrow channel and turns.

ryla - Canoeing

Rotarians Maureen and Carole went with the blue team caving ( although Carole stayed on minibus duty!!)

ryla - blue team caving


The afternoon saw the blue team take to the canoes whilst the red team scaled heights on the rock climbing challenges.

ryla climbing

Tuesday evening saw the mini Olympics where feelings ran high over a range of both individual and team challenges to earn points for the teams.
After an exhausting day, sleep was very welcome and then off again on a very wet Wednesday to complete orienteering, zip wire and indoor wall climbing challenges.


The red team narrowly won the overall points race by a margin of 25 points

What a great few days. All the young people were brilliant and the centre staff and challenges made for a true self development opportunity for all the participants.
Well done ALL!!!!!