Rotary Swimarathon 2017 will generate over £5000 thanks to the Generosity of our Sponsors, Participants, and Rotarians giving their time and money to ensure this first effort was a brilliant success.

The first Skegness Rotary Swimarathon took place at the Fresh Fitness Pool, part of the Richmond Holiday Centre, Skegness on Sunday 26th February 2017

Rotary Swimarathon 2017

Over 90 people in 16 teams took part in the Challenge to Raise Money for at least six Defibrillators in Skegness and to send money to The Rotary Foundation towards the Eradication of Polio worldwide.


It was a fantastic event, following on from the success of the Grantham Rotary Clubs Swimarathon, and the worldwide effort made By Rotary International in their fundraising achievements.

It marks the 100th Anniversary of the Rotary Foundation which from an initial donation of the equivalent of £350-00 has, over time,  become one of the most respected Charitable Institutions in the World, spending Billions of Dollars worldwide towards the alleviation of Poverty, Maternal health, Peace studies, Provision of Fresh clean Water, Provision of Education, and Micro loans to help people in the third world stand on their own merits, and all this in conjunction with the Eradication of Polio from those countries where it is still endemic.

Our Swimarathon has gone some way to help in this Global effort together with the provision locally of much needed equipment to help Save Lives, each £ raised at our event will be matched from the worldwide Foundation Charitable fund to ensure the maximum benefit for our Local Community.

Each £ we give towards Polio Eradication will be double Matched 2 to 1 by the Gates Foundation.richmond pool