rotaryInformation: Rotary Club of Skegness

A little information about Rotary Club of Skegness, who we are and what we do and how you too can be involved.

Rotary members are members of the family of Rotary.

Rotary International (RI) began in America over 100 years ago and grew to be what it is today- a worldwide organization.

The Rotary Club of Skegness in District 1070 was born over 80 years ago and has over 40 members.
It has a number- 3699 which is called a Charter.
Each May this is celebrated like a birthday celebration.

The Skegness member’s details, details of meetings, club events etc are in the Club Directory.
This too is given to members each year; all members are given a name badge when they join Rotary, which should be worn at all meetings and events.

Membership, Attendance requirements and costs

Weekly meetings are held on a Tuesday evening in Skegness where we have a set 2 course meal but all dietary needs can be catered for. At the meeting there are opportunities to meet all the Rotarians, build up friendships, and get the updates about what the club and other clubs are doing.

There are social and fund raising events where you can get involved.

The cost:

There is a one off joining fee of £25 and an annual subscription fee.

This year the subscription fee is £105. The weekly meal cost is £9.50 with 50p optional tip for the staff. The meal is optional but most members dine.

All efforts are made to ensure that the events, visits, meetings are kept affordable and best possible value to ensure all members can take part.

There are many events where partners, guests and friends can attend. There are often speakers or presenters at the meetings on a range of subjects.

The meetings tend to last between 1 1/2 and 2 hours.

Members should attend at least 50% of meetings and give 12 hours service each 6 months.
This will be explained to you in more detail as attendances can be claimed through a variety of avenues.

If you decide to become a member you will complete an application form. You will have an informal information evening when you have the opportunity to ask questions about things that might be concerning you. If you then decide to go ahead you will be asked to attend a meeting and be inducted into Rotary. This is not a formal process but you will be introduced to the full membership of the club, given your Rotary badge and handbooks.

Dress codes smart casual is the rule for the weekly meetings. Some of the men wear a tie to these and the female members dress smartly. Events such as the Charter night (the birthday party of the club) tend to be formal wear (dinner jackets and cocktail dresses etc)

At the weekly meetings, a member of the club will say grace and another will undertake “fellowship” this is taking the money for the meal/event. There is also a loyal toast to the monarch and a toast to Rotary the world over. For both toasts members stand but the President of the club will announce when to stand.

You can get involved as much as you feel able REMEMBER it is:
Family, Work, Rotary. As much as you can when you can.

Younger and working members need to be able to commit some time to the attend events, projects and committee meetings. However this is often difficult and the club accepts that leave of absence may be required from time to time.

Rotarians are able to visit any other Rotary club in the world, just contact the relevant club secretary to let them know you would like to go to their meeting.

Skegness is a dual gender Rotary Club with a wide age range from 34 to 84, and a wide range of professions are represented. There are single people, married people and those in partnerships.

There is a District Conference each year which provides an opportunity to meet others and has very good social events.

The Rotary Club of Skegness has a website and is on Facebook. The website has information about club events and records articles about events that have happened.

There is a mentor assigned to all new members. You will visit the club as a guest a few times with your sponsor and have a meeting with your mentor/s about the relevant rules, regulations and procedures. The club members will then be advised that a potential new member has applied and will be asked for any objections. You will then have an induction at a weekly meeting. This involves the club welcoming you and after an introduction from the President your sponsor/mentor will issue you with a member’s handbook and a badge. You do not have to say anything but a brief thank you and show a commitment to the club, you are welcome to make a speech if you so wish!! All members are happy to answer questions though and you do not have to wait to speak to your mentor to get advice. All members’ contact details are published in your club diary for you to look at and find information

All club Chairs are issued with regalia as are the Officers of the Club, however many do not wear these except on very formal occasions


The president leads the club, attends events on behalf of the Club and Chairs the Council Meetings. The president will preside over the weekly meetings and major events

President Elect:
This is the person who will be the next president. This ensures continuity. The president elect will stand in for the President as required and is often Chairman of the Club Service Committee

Vice President:
This is the person who will be the president after the President Elect. The preside in the absence of president and president elect and attend Club and Council meetings

Immediate Past President:
The Immediate Past President is there to support the President and offer advice and information

The Treasurer:
The treasurer manages the day to day finance and bookkeeping for the Club

The Secretary:
The secretary takes the minutes of the Council meetings and the Club Assembly (The meeting where the proposals of the committees for the new year is voted on by the membership). The Secretary will liaise with other clubs about events and activities.

The Sergeant at Arms:
The Sergeant at Arms is responsible for the smooth running of the meetings. They will announce the grace, the toasts and the finish.

All officers can undergo training either from within the Club or at District level.

Club Committees

Club Council
This is the basis of where the various committees and projects meet to discuss events and to “Manage” the Club. The proposals agreed at the Council are then proposed to the Club membership at the weekly meetings

Club Service
The role of the Club Service Committee is to strengthen fellowship for the benefit of the members and to assist the membership committee to build membership. It works for the good of the members. It deals with all the legal and financial audit requirements of the club.

The main aims are to raise money for the Rotary international projects such as projects involved in providing help for Health, Water, Hunger and Education

The Community Committee raises funds for projects within the local community including national charities with local offices.

The Committee look for opportunities for Rotarians to use their professional skills and knowledge to serve others- Mock interviews, coaching,

The Foundation Committee supports Rotary globally on a local and international level. It works closely with international and helps to provide matching grants and world aid for all relevant projects

This committee oversees the work in schools through Interact and Rotakids as well as the Youth Competitions.

Other committees:
Marketing and PR,-responsible for the website and press releases.

Bursary, - manage a trust fund

Membership – support new members and recruitment activities.

All have an active role in the running and effectiveness of the Club.

2013 tesco collectionExamples of Events for Fund Raising Activities

These are decided by the Club Committees on an annual basis. Each year the club holds a Club Assembly. This is a meeting when the club approves the plans from all the committees for the coming year. All members are asked to support their committee events and help with the organisation. They are also asked to support any other events if they can spare the time.

Santa Fun Run

Big Breakfast, Weekly Bingo at the Royal Hotel for Hotel Guests

The Golden Ticket (Collections at the Embassy)

Car Boot Sales

Bonfire Night Display

Christmas Lunch

Tesco Collection

Quiz nights

Examples of Social Events

Talks from visitors on a range of topics

Charter Night (The birthday party for the anniversary of the Club)

Visits to other clubs and their charter nights

Visits to places of Interest


Blood pressure testing

Youth Competitions

Carol Concert

Shelter Box in the Park

Desks for schools in Amreli

Rotakids clubs

Interact Clubs