District Governer Margaret joined us on July 28 to deliver the Rotary message for 2015-16

DG MargaretShe brought her gift to the world in a small box and each gift she unveiled carried an inspirational thought to set us on our way. 

We can transform the lives of others by putting our many and diverse skills and talents to good use in our wide ranging service projects.
A future without Polio is a gift that we have promised to the children of the world. We are almost there so let's make it happen this year.
By gifting funds and supporting the Rotary Foundation we will be able to improve the lives of others both at home and abroad.
We have an extra 1440 minutes this year, let's make everyone of them count.
Above all let's have fun while we are working towards these aims!

See the DG's Logo printed blouse & skirt

Celebrating Jolly's 107th Birthday.      [See Tony's tie printed with Jolly's figures !]

Jollys Birthday cakeJollys Birthday cake