The Wheelchair Foundation UK is a non profit organisation that seeks to deliver a wheechair to every child, teen and adult that needs one, but cannot afford one. £75 will buy, ship and deliver a wheelchair to a person in need wherever in the world.

Bob Suich from the Rotary Club of Skegness and his wife Chris go out in southern African countries deliver wheelchairs to individual recipients and giving them a new lease of life as it is often the first time people are able to leave their homes for many years.

wheelchair foundation 2016

Everybody can get involved in this worthy project, the Wheelchair Foundation works in partnership with Yorkshire Tea. You can collect bar codes from boxes of Yorkshire Tea and send them to Wheelchair Foundation UK, PO Box 658, Wetherby, LS22 9AD. For an 80 teabag box, 1 credit is received, for every 10 credits Yorkshire Tea donate £1 to the Wheelchair Foundation.