Valentine's Ball February 2018

Terry Smalley of the Skegness Rotary Club's International committee organised a Valentine's Ball held at the Masonic Lodge Skegness on 10th February. 
A great time was had by all with dancing till the early hours to "Family Ties." A wonderful meal was provided by Mr and Mrs Rob Watson and team. 
A raffle and an auction helped raise the proceeds to over £1200. Thank you all for your support. 

Photography by Sunil Perera

The Great Rotary Bake Off 2018

making differenceSunday March 25th At The Royal Hotel Skegness

Please come and join us for Afternoon Tea at 3pm

This will be your opportunity to taste the winning entries from

The Great Rotary Bake off 2018

We will be pleased to see you.

Price £3pp

To book a table please contact  Margaret Taylor tel 01754 767362 or just turn up on the day.

All proceeds will be donated to Mary’s Meals - a charity to help feed children

The Competition is as follows:


1. Cakes to be baked at home and brought to The Royal Hotel y 1pm

2. Entrants to make to bakes- one a technical challenge the other a signature bake

3. Entrants must agree that all bakes will be sold off or used as part of the afternoon tea at 3pm on Sunday 25th March.


The Technical Challenge
Each entrant is to produce 6 individual savoury pasties. The choice of filling and type of pastry is the bakers’ choice.

Signature bake
To create a large cake or 10 individual buns inspired by the seaside. This bake is to celebrate the beautiful seaside town in which we live.

swimarathon2 >>> print via cog wheel









> Swimarathon Entry Form

Mary's Meals - Simple solution to world hunger

Presentation of cheque on 9th January 2018

We donated 150.00 to our speaker charity Mary's Meals who feed school children in some of the poorest areas a hot meal to encourage them to attend education to improve their chances of getting out of poverty. The cost of this is £13.90 per school year so it makes a big difference

We also sent £150. 00 to support  our sponsored young person through Lincs with India to support her through another year of education.

marys meals

marys meals

Xmas Tesco Collection 2017

Tesco collection 2017

Fire Station Visit on 2017 November 21

Skegness Fire Station has five full time firemen

fires tation

Skegness Railway Station Community Project

2,000 crocus bulbs planted around the Skegness railway station.

On Thursday the 16th November, Students and Staff from Kime House at The Skegness Academy joined Rotarians from the Rotary Club of Skegness and Caroline Sharpe from Skegness Station to plant the crocusses. 

Skegness Railway Station Community Project

The planting of crocuses is to help raise awareness for the "End Polio" project supported by Rotary International and The Bill Gates Foundation. Globally Rotary has worked alongside other agencies to eradicate this terrible disease and we are almost there! The colour purple is used as this is the colour babies in poorer and remote areas of the world are given to show they have been immunised.

Skegness Railway Station Community Project

Hopefully the Skegness Railway Station will be in purple bloom early spring and the pupils and staff from the Academy will see the fruits of their labours.

Skegness Railway Station Community ProjectSkegness Railway Station Community Project

Thank you to all concerned

Shelterbox Awareness Day - Tuesday the 17th October

Rotarian Alan Jones came and set up a shelterbox tent and equipment in the grounds of the Royal hotel Skegness and Skegness Rotarians hosted over 80 children/teachers and parents who came to view the shelterbox and learn about its use.


The children learnt about how it is to be left with nothing whether through natural disaster or conflict. They learnt that for £590 a box can be purchased which can house a family of 6 for up to 2 years. These include blankets/mosquito nets/cooking equipment/solar lighting/water purification and containers etc


86 million people worlwide are displaced around the world with only 22 million displaced through natural disaster and these shelterbox supplies provide and essential support to aid rebuilding people lives and allow them to re-establish their family and economic viability and support for refugee relief programmes throughout the world.


Skegness Rotary has already funded 3 boxes over the past 3 months and

President Andrew was able to present another cheque for the purchase of one more during the meeting.

President Andrew was able to present another cheque for the purchase of one more during the meeting.

A great day was had by all.

600 jumpers from the Skegness Academy to aid Rotary refugee relief

600 jumpers from the Skegness Academy to aid Rotary refugee relief

After the evening presentation to Skegness Rotary Club members there was a remarkable donation of 600 jumpers from the Skegness Academy to aid Rotary refugee relief . Mr Pagliano; Head of the 6th Form at Skegness Academy; attended to make the presentation. These jumpers will be sent to refugee relief in Croatia/Muldovia and the Ukraine to support the relief projects working with children. Thank you Skegness Academy!!!


Defibrillator Project for Skegness

Defibrillator project launch at the Welcome Inn on Tuesday 2017 September 19th

defibrillartors for Skegness

defibrillartors for Skegness




Tuesday night 15th August -  guests John Douglas and speaker Simon York. 


Club Serviceclub service



Defibrillators for Skegness 2017 August

Currently only 1 out of 10 people survive an out of hospital cardiac arrest. However, immediate CPR and Defibrillation within 3–5 min of a collapse can produce survival rates as high as 50–70%. This can be achieved through public access defibrillation, when a bystander uses a nearby public access defibrillator to deliver the first shock.

LIVES is a charity in Lincolnshire that supports 700 volunteers who respond to more than 20,000 999 medical emergencies, ranging from falls to road traffic collisions and chest pains to cardiac arrests. As such, Skegness Rotary sought out LIVES to work with them to ensure that the town of Skegness is as prepared as it can be in the case of cardiac arrest and that help is received immediately.

Defibrillators for Skegness
We worked with LIVES to develop a major project that will see a large number of public access defibrillators placed strategically across the town of Skegness. In February this year we held a " Swimathon" which this raised £10,000 in one day, this money along with other funds enabled us to purchase an initial batch of 13 defibrillators, which we are now starting to install around the town. When we have approached local business about siting them several have offered to purchase them from us meaning that we will now be siting 20 of them around the town. This is not nearly enough !

A lot of defibrillators are purchased and installed on an ad-hoc basis, based on local business interest, and we think we may be the first town to look at a ‘whole town’ approach, ensuring these life-saving bits of equipment are placed strategically in the right place across the town.