Skegness Silver Band 2018 June

President Andrew is presenting a cheque for £500 to Norman Prime of the Skegness Silver Band whilst they are performing at the Skegness Railway Station.

Skegness Silver Band

Hope for Tomorrow 2018 July

Chairman of our Community and Vocational Committee, Martin Rawlinson presented a cheque for £500.00 to the speaker from Hope for Tomorrow. This is a fabulous charity providing mobile chemotherapy units to outlying towns and villages across the UK. There is one based in our area which supports the local community 

 Hope for tomorrow

Andrew Quickfall hands over the Rotary Club of Skegness presidency to Debby Koet.

2018 June 26

handover 2018

handover 2018


Skegness Lifeboat Station Presentation 2018 June

A cheque for £500 being presented to Skegness Lifeboat Station from funds collected by the COMVOC committee.

President Andrew is presenting a cheque to: Mairie Perry (Volunteer / Fundraiser) also present are: Anne May (Volunteer) and Craig Willard (RNLI)

Skegness Lifeboat Station

Skegness Lifeboat Station

Keiths Rescue Dogs Presentation 2018 June

President Andrew handing a cheque for £500 over to Keith Smith of Keiths Rescue Dogs.

This is from funds raised by the COMVOC committee over the last Rotary year.

Keith’s Rescue Dogs looks after the welfare of unwanted and abandoned dogs. Keith’s Rescue Dogs is based in Lincolnshire and re-home mainly dogs in the local area.

Keith Rescue Dogs

St Barnabas Presentation 2018 June

President Andrew presenting Gayle Stanbra of St Barnabas with a cheque fro £500 on behalf of the COMVOC committee.

St Barnabas

Cycling Helmets Gift in 2018 June

President Andrew handing over a cheque for £250 to Mark Smith of the Ryan Smith Foundation to help promote wearing helmets when cycling.

This is from monies raised by the COMVOC committee.

Helmets 2018 06

The Rotary Club of Skegness supportedLives by giving a donation of £1,000 to its work in May 2018


Stroke Awareness 2018 April

Members of Skegness Rotary Club, at Richmond Caravan Centre, Rock n Roll weekend.

stroke awareness

Skegness Food Bank 2018

Andrew Downing handing over a cheque of £500 to Diz Middleton of the Skegness Food Bank.

Skegness Food Bank 2018


Visit from Joel Weaver- International Chair

2018 February 20

Visit from Joel Weaver


Bandage and Dressings Collection

2017 February 17

bandage collectionbandage collectionbandage collection