Philippines Disaster - November 2013

ShelterboxThe Rotary Club of Skegness has made an immediate response to the disaster in the Philippines by sending funds to the value of £2,660 as part of its work in supporting international projects and disasters. Rotary clubs across the world will also be providing direct and financial help.

Funding has been sent by the Skegness club to the charity “Shelter Box” which is a Rotary International project partner. This link means that there is global support for the charity to provide emergency help to families when a disaster occurs. One shelter Box which costs £590 provides emergency shelter& life-saving supplies for families. It provides a tent with capacity for 10 people, blankets, ground sheets, water storage, filtration equipment, cooking utensils, a tool kit and a childrens activity pack. A total of 6 shelter boxes have now been funded since September, four for the most recent disasters in Syria and Philippines.

Further funding has also been sent to “WorldWaterWorks” who provide Water Survival Boxes. This is essential as a key problem in the Philippines is the lack of clean water. We are providing 2 Water Boxes, each has a filtration pack, Iodine tablets, a tarpaulin for basic shelter and basic hygiene equipment. Each box costs £150.

Both these organisations are already in the Philippines providing much needed support to families. Through Rotary we can enable quick and appropriate help to disaster areas across the world, often in advance of the national governments.

A further £5000 will shortly be sent from our club to charities working specifically on the Philippines disaster. This will bring our total donation to £7,660. A very generous donation has been made to the club to use specifically for this disaster. For which we are extremely grateful.

Peter Jude
Chair of International Committee.