Rotary Club of Skegness Christmas Carol Concert

The Christmas Carol Concert was a roaring success, producing once again a great evening’s entertainment for all the family and raising lots of money for community projects at the same time. Congratulations to everyone who took part or helped in anyway. Glad to see Steve “The old jokes are the best” Walker back on centre stage and Adie “No photos PLEASE!” Stennett helping out again.

I must give a special mention though to one or two people. As you can imagine it was difficult for Santa to find help this year as most of the elves and pixies were appearing on stage entertaining a packed house. No need to worry, limping and shuffling to the rescue are Terry and Tony looking like two peas in a pod, mushy peas that is. “Don’t worry Santa” puffed Terry “We’ve still got the costumes!

“Yes huffed Tony and we don’t need the pillows anymore!”

Rotary Carol Concert Elves

Looking after the top shelf and fully into panto mode are Prince Charming and the “Ugly Usherettes” I’ll leave you to guess which is which.

Rotary Carol Concert Usherettes

If you were wondering why the band was late on in the second act it was because Norman had offered to get the drinks in at the bar. There is clearly a first time for everything!

Rotary Carol Concert Band

Having said all that it was a brilliant night raising over £3,000 for Rotary projects, in fact I “Wish it could be Christmas every dayaay!